Monday, January 7, 2013

Owl Valentine Gift Bag

Here is the Valentine version of the owl.

About half-way through the project I added the scallops around the eyes to try and add more depth. What do you think...scallops or no scallops?


  1. I love these. I am new to papercrafting and would love to know how u did these owl bags

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by. Here is a link to another post. It has a video in it and shows some of the items I used to create the owl. Any scallop edge punch would work for making the feathers.

  3. LOVE so a large number of these great ideas!Much obliged such a great amount for requiring significant investment to accumulate every one of them up for us!I'm headed toward make the doily envelopes at this moment!

    –Teresa Cooper.


  4. I am making this as a valentines box for a contest at my co-op. It is so cute!!!