Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paper Challenge

Here is my first post. This was an ugly paper challenge to myself (and to a few of my Monday card making friends). I didn't particularly like this paper or lets just say it wouldn't normally be the first I would reach for from the selection. The yellows and browns with an odd combination of teal made for an interesting mix. I have two versions using this paper from Me & My Big Ideas (Micheal's). My enabling for today...this paper was $4.99 for 140 sheets. That is 75% off so I just couldn't leave without buying four packages! Gifts for all! So run right out and get some. There are many sheets that are completely adorable. As I use them I will post the cards here. The first card below is 4"x5.5" and the second measures 4 7/8"x 4 7/8".

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